Babu Jagjivan Ram Government Degree College

Narayanaguda, Hyderabad – 500029

Affiliated to Osmania University, Hyderabad.

(Re-Accredited by NAAC with B++ Grade)

Dept. of Political Science

Political Science Dept.

About the Department

Department of Political Science was established in 1974.  Department consists of two faculty members.  Initially the Department had two combinations. i.e. HEP and HPP. In 2016 EPP combination was introduced. At present Political Science is being offered in 8 combinations.

The department is committed to imparting excellent   teaching. It is focused on the overall development of the students. The department  strives in providing career guidance and employment skills to the students. The department is passionate about inculcating values of national integration among the students by celebrating national days and festivals like   National   Voters day, Human Rights Day, Constitution Day, Unity day. The department is also committed towards social service. The students and staff undertake various extension services like visiting orphanages, taking classes for school students   and donating amount to poor and needy students. To give more access and   enrich the classroom teaching the   staff use maximum ICT tools. The department   also endeavors to inculcate research aptitude among students by involving them   in study projects and also encouraging them to publish articles in various   journals.

Vision and Mission

Vision :

To establish a just and good society based on social science knowledge.


  • To promote excellence in teaching.
  • To make the students critically analyze the politics and events in India and the world.
  • To develop responsible and productive citizens.
  • To develop non-partisan discussion skills.
  • To foster scientific temper in thought and action.
  • To cultivate ethical values.
  • To prepare the students for their future responsibilities as academicians, State and Central Public servants, and other appropriate jobs.
  • Developing research aptitude.


1.To explore a better political world based on freedom, equality, individuality, democracy and justice.

2.To increase the theoretical knowledge   of political concepts, ideologies, forms of government, political philosophy, political systems, political process and global politics.

  1. To impart the ability to think critically; to construct logical arguments; to collect, analyze, and interpret data; and to formulate conclusions.
  2. To make them awareness of career options available with in political science.

5.To understand the major national and international problems, confronting contemporary political systems.

6.To inculcate   the citizenship skills, ethical values, and the ability to understand and appreciate human diversity.  and to engage in community life as active citizens.

Programs Offered

B.A.(CBCS)–English Medium

College Course Code Name of the Course Medium
111 Economics/Political  Science/Public. Admn English
118 Mathematics-Economics-Political Science English
129 Economics/Political  Science/History English
147 History-Political Science-Computer Applications English
156 History/Political Science/ Public Administration English
197 History-Political Science-Mass Communication English
352 Economics/Political  Science/ Computer Applications English
794 History-Political Science-Geography (MOOCs) English


 Certificate Courses

Name of the Course: Disaster Management-I

Duration:         30 Days

No. of  hours   30

No. of days     30






●      To examine basic concepts in disaster management.

●      To analyze  definitions and terminologies used in disaster


●      To analyze and examine types and categories of disasters.


Report: The Department of Political Science had introduced Certificate  Course  on Disaster Management from 01-07-2021 to 30-07-2021.Duration of the course was 30 days. 30 students enrolled in this course.

1.They acquire the ability to identify the different types   of   disasters.

2.The students are exposed to a multidisciplinary subject.



Course Outcomes

  • To develop conceptual, analytical and critical thinking among the students.
  • To make them understand the contemporary social issues and societal problems.
  • To inculcate research aptitude in the students.
  • To provide a holistic perspective on society to the students.


  • Students will be prepared for a wide range of   careers   like Public Services, academicians, private sector, NGOs, etc.
  • To make the students appreciate and understand the inter relations between   theory and practice.
  • To enhance the ability of students to provide innovative solutions to the problems that are confronted by society.
  • To develop interpersonal competencies like leadership and teamwork among the students.

Total Faculty Members in Political Science department : 2

Sl.No. Photo Name Designation Profile
1 C.Shanthi M.A., B.Ed., APSET, (P.hd) Assistant Professor Profile
2 THIRUNAGARI GEETHA SREE MA, AP SET, (P.hd) Assistant Professor Profile

Number of outgoing students progression to higher education from( UG to PG)

S.No Name of the student Course/Group to UG Subject Joined in PG


Rapaka Upender








History& Archaeology

Central University, Haryana

2  Shail Moin




History, Central University, Hyderabad


3 Srikanth




History, Osmania University


4 Kaseem Jalam




Economics, Central University, Haryana


5 .M.Krishnaveni B.A/HEP Economics, Osmania University

6. Renuka



B.A./Mass Communications



Political Science, OIsmania University


7 K.Parushuramudu


B.A./HPP Public Administration, Osmania University
  1. More Ganga Prasad , got selected as  Police Constable (TSSP) (Men) in Police .
  2. Kummari Laxminarayana got selected   as SGT, in Teachers Recruitment 2017, School Education, Telangana.
  3. Manjula Rajkumar got selected as Panchayat Secretary in Andhra Pradesh.

Field Trips

  • 2017 -18- Field trip to Golconda Fort and Salar Jung Museum
  • 2018-19   –  Field Trip to Chow Mahallah Palace
  • 31-12-2020   –   Field Trip to Book Exhibition
  • Field Trip to SHE Teams  & Women Safety  Office for Jignasa Study Project


Academic Year Title of Project Name of the students Supervisor
2015-16 Terrorism N. Naresh

N. Manoj Kumar

K. Raju

Mujeeb Ur Rahman

C.Vinay Kumar

D. Punyavathi
2016-17 Third World Problems-A study N. Manoj Kumar

P. Mallikarjun Reddy

Syed Shabaaz A, Ramya

B. Neelima

D. Punyavathi
2017-18 Arab Spring S. Srikanth

M.D. Abdullah

Syed Shabbaaz


Md. Khaleem

D. Punyavathi
2018-19 1.Presidential Years of Abdul Kalam




G. Satya Sai Prabhakar

V. Sunil Kumar Naik

R. Sardar

A. Madhuri

T. Geetha Sree



2019-20 2.Women in Politics




A, Mani


G. Anuradha Padma Sree

M. Ramulu

Venkata Chandu

C. Shanthi
3. Indo-Pak Relations


B.Pradeep Kumar




S. Ajay Kumar

C. Shanthi
4. Mahatma Gandhi ‘s Ideology



K. ParshuRamudu

M. Devendra

S.Ram Ganesh


N.V.Sailaja  Suvarchala

T. Geetha Sree
2019-20 1.Hegel Dialectical Method B. Pradeep Kumar

B. Rebeca

B. Naveena

M. Divyasri

M. Ramulu

T. Geetha Sree




2. Use of Social Media in politics.








C. Shanthi



3.Use of Technology in tackling   Covid-19


A. Manivarshan Reddy

Mayera Fathima

B Shashidhar Reddy

V.  Saichitra


T. Geetha Sree
2020-21 1. Women Empowerment through Gender Budgeting in India. V. Sai Chitra

B.  Shashidhar Reddy

K. Suresh

N. Vaishnavi Reddy

T. Raju


T. Geetha Sree




2. String of Pearls Theory B. Naveena

G. Yadagiri

M. Divya Sree

S. Anitha

Dr. C. Shanthi
2020-21 A study  on Awareness on Women Safety measures in Telangana : A case study in Hyderabad city

For Jignasa competition.

K. Suresh

N. Vaishnavi Reddy

M. Saikiran

V. Sai Chitra

B. Shashidhar Reddy

K. Vishnu

Dr. C. Shanthi

T. Geetah Sree

National Seminars Attended

  1. Dr. C. Shanthi
Sl. No Name of the Seminar / Webinar Organized by Date
1 World politics & covid-19, Inferences, Interpretations &Implications.  St. Pious X Degree & Pg College For Women, Nacharam, Hyderabad. 12th May 2020
2 A series of national webinars on India- China relations – way forward.  P.G .College  Palamuru University From 07th  July To 17th July,  2020
3 Aatma Nirbhar Bharat: India Become A Global Leader” Girraj Govt. College (A) (NAAC) Reaccredited With B Grade)

Nizamabad, Telangana State

26- 03-2021


2.T. Geetha Sree

Sl. No Name of the Seminar / Webinar Organized by Date
1 International Yoga


 Heartfulness Institution 21.06.20


2 A series of national webinars on India- China relations – way forward  National  webinar series by P.G. College Palamuru  University From 13.07.20 to 17-07-2020
3 Philosophy of Indian


National Webinar-Indira Priyadarshini

Govt. Degree College for Women, Hyd

4 “Ideology of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar


Participated as a resource person  and delivered an extension lecture. It  was organized by  Indira Priyadarshini  Govt. Degree College for Women, Hyd 27-2-2021


To enrich the teaching-learning process the department has conducted extension lectures by eminent resource persons.

Achievements (Faculty & Students)

Progression to Higher Education

Academic Year Name of the Student Name of the subject University/ Institution
2018-19 1.G Renuka


Mass Communications Osmania University
2.Ramu Nani M.A. Journalism & Mass Communications Rachana College of Journalism


2019-20 1.G. Satya Sai  Padmakar


M.A. Political Science Hyderabad Central University
2. K Hanmanthau M.A. Political Science Telangana University, South Campus

1. K.Arun Naik


Developmental Studies


IIT, Hyderabad

2. NItish Kumar Kumar M.A. Political Science Central University, Kerala

3.B. Naveen


M.A. Political Science Kakatiya Univerrsity
4. D. Akhila



M.A. Political Science Osmania University
5 Talari Swamy M.A. Political Science


Palamuru University
6. Ch. Shiva Kumar. M.A. Political Science PG College, Secunderabad, Osmania University
7. Rebecca MBA VBIT, Hyderabad






Sl Name of the Student Employment /jobs
1 More Ganga Prasad Selected as  Police Constable (TSSP) (Men) in Police .
2 Kummari Laxminarayana Selected   as SGT, in Teachers Recruitment 2017, School Education, Telangana.
3 Manjula Rajkumar Selected as Panchayat Secretary in Andhra Pradesh.


Extension Activities

The department of Political science believes that “   there is  no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed. To realise this    goal   the staff and students undertake extension activities. The objective of doing extension activities are:

  • To promote social responsibility among the students
  • To make them aware of different socio-economic problems confronted by the people in the society
  • Help the destitute and needy by visiting Orphanages


Visit to rainbow homes

The students visited Rainbow Homes ,an  Orphanage for girls near Musheerabad in Hyderabad. They interacted with the residents of the orphanage and motivate the students to excel in their studies. We frequently visit the orphanage  and find out the needs of the  students.  Distributed Books, Pens, Stationery and other material.

Donations to Anaadha Vidyarthi  Griha

The staff contribute some amount every month to the students of Anaadha Vidyarthi Griha.

Helped the student who met with an accident

Tarun , B, A I Year student met with an accident caused severe head injuries, was  admitted in ICU on  31-12-2019. He needed  money for surgery . For his treatment the department and students collected  the amount and gave to him.


Research and Publications

  1. Dr. C. Shanthi, Assistant Professor in Political Science
Sl. No Title  Name of the Journal ISSN/ISBN No Year
1 Right to Information Act: Strengthening  Democracy and Facilitating Development Review Of Research ISSN:224989X. 9th June,2019.
2 Issues and Challenges in Agriculture: A Road Ahead Paramount Publishing House ISBN 978-88808-90.3 June, 2020


3 Right to Information Act: A critical Analysis IJRAR Impact Factor 5.75. 5th

July, 2021


2.T. Geetha Sree, Assistant Professor in Political Science

Sl. No Title  Name of the Journal ISSN/ISBN No Year
1 International Terrorism and Women Trafficking Paramount Publishing House  ISBN 978-81-939248-7-7 February 2019.
2 Political participation of women in India International Journal  of Research and Analytical Reviews(IJRAR)  ISSN 2349-5138) 05-10-2019
3 A Comparative Study of NDA and UPA Led

Coalition Governments in Indian Politics 1999-2009

International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews(IJRAR)  ISSN 2349-5138 May 2019
4 Role of pressure groups in India International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews(IJRAR) -ISSN 2349-5138) 11-05-2019
5 Budgeting system in Federal Government:2020-21


Paramount Publishing House ISBN 978-93-88808-90.3 June-2020


6 Coalition Governments: Role of Indian National Congress (ISSN-2349-5162


July 2021,


3.Student Publications

Sl. No Name of the Student Title  Name of the Journal ISSN/ISBN No Year
1 T. Mounica, BA-II Year


Role of pressure groups in India IJRAR Journal no : 43602 & 5.75 impact factor May, 2019
2 B.Naveena,

BA II Year


Political Participation of Women in India IJRAR ISSN2349-5138 May, 2019
3. M. Sai Kiran,

B.A. III Year

1.“A study on the Budgeting System in  Federal Government”. Paramount Publishing House.


ISBN 978-93-88808-90-3



June, 2020


2.NDA Relations with USA, Russia and China: A Diplomatic Perspective JRTIR –International Journal


ISSN:2349-5162 May, 2021
3. Sexual violence: India’s serious problem& preventive strategies Dogo Rangsang Research Journal ISSN 2347-7180 .


04, March, 2022

2019-20: III BA (VI Semester) Subject wise Result

Group No. of Appeared Students No. of Passed Students No. Students Failed Pass Percentage
Economics-7 54 52 2 96.3%
Ecdonomics-8 53 52 1 98.11%
Political Science-7 69 65 4 94.20%
Political Science-8 69 66 3 96%
History-7 47 45 2 96%
History-8 47 43 4 91.5%
Public Administration-7 31 30 1 97%
Public Administration-8 30 30 0 100%

Result Analysis

Year wise-Strength

Academic Year I Year II Year III Year Total
2015-16 49 26 15 90
2016-17 84 37 24 145
2017-18 90 66 33 189
2018-19 130 79 55 264
2019-20 141 89 72 302


 Department of Political Science: Semester V

Group Paper V Paper VI
Appeared Passed Percentage Appeared Passed Percentage
HEP 40 31 77.5% 40 38 95%
HPP 15 15 100% 15 15 100%
EPP 15 13 86.6% 15 13 86.6%
HPCA 5 4 80% 5 4 80%
EPCA 10 10 100% 10 9 90%
total 85 73 85.8% 85 79 92.9%


Department of Political Science: Semester VI


Paper VII Paper VIII
Group Appeared Passed Percentage Appeared Passed Percentage
HEP 40 40 100% 40 40 100%
HPP 15 15 100% 15 15 100%
EPP 14 14 100% 14 14 100%
HPCA 5 5 100% 5 5 100%
EPCA 10 10 100% 10 10 100%
Total 84 84 100% 84 84 100%


National Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights

February 20, 2023

  On 10th February 2023, the faculties of social sciences in association with the department of Commerce have successfully organized One Day National Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights under the…

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National Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights – Brochure Inauguration

February 6, 2023

  On 11th January 2023, Our principal madam and our Members of Staff have released the Brochure of the One Day National Seminar on "Intellectual Property Rights Issues and Challenges"…

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Field Trip by Faculties of Social Sciences

February 3, 2023

On 14th December 2022, Students belonging to the faculty of social sciences under the supervision of Dr. V. V. Mallika, Assistant Professor of Public Administration pursued a field study to…

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Mock Parliament Organized by Faculty of Social Sciences

December 5, 2022

  On 05th December 2022, The faculty of Social Sciences of Babu Jagjivan Ram Government Degree College organized Mock Parliament today in the seminar hall. The students of Social Sciences…

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Congratulations to Smt. Santhi, Assistant Prof. of Political Science for the Award of Doctorate

August 16, 2022

  BJR GDC congratulate Smt. Santhi, Assistant Prof. of Political Science, for her Doctorate Award from 82nd Convocation, Osmania University on 5th August 2022.

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ICSSR-SRC Sponsored National workshop on Report Writing on Research and Project in Commerce and Social Sciences

May 31, 2022

  Two Day workshop titled "National Workshop on Report Writing on Research and Projects in Commerce and Social Sciences" held during 27 -  28 May 2022, under the supervision of…

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Dr B R Ambedkar Birthday Celebrations

April 18, 2022

  On 13.04.2022, Our college has observed birthday of Dr. B R Ambedkar, Head of Indian Constitution Drafting Committee. The event is chaired by Dr. P. V. Geetha Lakshmi Patnaik,…

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Mahatma Jyotirao Phule Jayanthi observed at BJR GDC

April 11, 2022

  On 11.04.2022, our college has observed 196th Birthday Day Sri Mahatma Jyotirao Phule ji. On this occasion, our Principal Dr.P.V.Geetha Lakshmi Patnaik has presented her views about Sri Jyoti…

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Babu Jagjivan Ram Birthday Celebrations 2022

April 5, 2022

  On the occasion of 115th Babu Jagjivan Ram birthday celebrations on 05.04.2022, the college has actively organized various competitions and activities to the college students. Dr. N. Siddoji Rao,…

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Babu Jagjivan Ram GDC organized National Seminar on Socio-Economic Development of Women through Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in India

March 30, 2022

  The faculty of Social Sciences, Babu Jagjivan Ram GDC has organized a 2-Day National Seminar (Blended Mode) titled on "Socio-Economic Development of Women through Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in India"…

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Best Practices

Department Political Science
Title of the Practice Functioning of Right to Information Act at BJR College.
Goal To give the awareness about RTI, Act   to the students.
The Context RTI   Act empowers the people.
Practice Students visited office of  the BJR college and collected information  on number of applications filed, nature and   disposal of applications filed,
Evidence of Success Students acquire knowledge about   how to apply RTI if needed in their life.
Problem Encountered Nil
Resources Required Nil


  • To get seats in IITs, AZIM Premji, Central Universities,  TISS,    National Law Universities , Delhi University, JNU etc.
  • To improve the skills of the students.
  • Strengthening Coaching for Competitive exams.
  • More focus on research skills.
  • Encourage the students to do more projects.
  • Take up more extension activities.


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