Babu Jagjivan Ram Government Degree College

Narayanaguda, Hyderabad – 500029

Autonomous – Affiliated to Osmania University, Hyderabad.

(Re-Accredited by NAAC with B++ Grade)

BJR GDC has been conferred with autonomy for the period 2024-25 to 2028-29.

Dept of English

English Dept.

About the Department

Babu Jagjivan Ram Government Degree college was established in 1974 with B.A, B.Com and B.Sc programs. The Department of English was also established in 1974. Since then, the department works to inculcate a holistic growth of the students to achieve wholesome progress at all levels.The department has been offering  the English language to all the students by promoting Communication and LSRW skills. The faculty adopts ICT and student-centred methodologies for interactive and participative learning.  It promotes intensive mentoring to the students both in and beyond the classroom in  a wide variety of forms like  guest lectures, film screening, field trips, edutainment, projects and co-curricular activities which make up the department’s calendar.


The vision of the department is to promote the English language as a language of communication, a language that connects us with the world. During the course of studying English as a subject, students acquire proficiency in LSRW skills which duly prepares  the students to face the global competition. It is our commitment to constantly be at the forefront in shaping good communication skills in our students so as to create a sustainable future for them.

The English Department strengthens the liberal education of students by developing a deepened understanding of language and literacy, the value of critical reading and effective writing, and also nurturing in them a sense of responsibilities and human values necessary to be the best citizens of the nation and the world at large.


  • The English Department strives to expand the students’ awareness of the unique place that the English Language occupies among modern languages and its development  over time.
  • The department encourages a love for learning and appreciating the English Language for itself.
  • The faculty motivates the students and provides a platform for the students to showcase and refine their skills and talents.
  • The department values the cultivation of critical reading and reflection, it also endeavours to sensitise the students to the matters of gender, race, class and culture.


The following are the major objectives of the department.

  • To reinforce the LSRW skills among the students.
  • To encourage students towards research in English and interrelated disciplinary fields.
  • To prepare students for the globally competitive job market.
  • To promote aesthetic sense among students.
  • To enhance the ability to express clearly and comprehensively.
  • To make learning enjoyable through activities like Edutainment and Field trips .

Programs/Courses Offered

The department offers General English  for B.A, B.Com, B.SC programs for first and second year students. The BBA  program was introduced in 2019  and  English was introduced  for the final year students in 2019-2020.  Apart from this the department conducts English Language Lab for the students to enhance their communication skills. The course offers 20 credits spread over six semesters.



Semester Title of the book No. of credits Learning outcomes
1 I English Made Easy 4 ●       Read, understand, and interpret a variety of written texts.

●        Undertake guided and extended writing using appropriate vocabulary and correct grammar.

●        Listen with comprehension and speak with confidence in both formal and informal contexts with reasonable fluency and acceptable pronunciation.

●       Become employable with requisite professional ethics and values.

2 II English Made Easy 4
3 III English in Use 3
4 IV English In Use 3
5 V English In Action 3
6 VI English in Action 3

Course Outcomes

I BA, BCom, BSc, BBA Semester I & II

Text book: English made easy – Orient BlackSwan (Editors: E. Suresh Kumar, Sumita Roy, A. Karunaker)

  • To enhance language through a task-based & learner – centric syllabus
  • To familiarise with various aspects of our new state of Telengana
  • To master the LSRW skills
  • To channelize energy through soft skills and Value orientation
  • To help them learn good English so as to prosper in professional and personal lives
  • To make them proficient in English for global competency

II BA, BCom, BSc Semester III & IV

Text book: English in Use – A Textbook for College Students, Macmillan Education (Editors: T Vijay  Kumar, K Durga Bhavani, YL Srinivas)

  • To learn the use of English rather than usage of English.
  • To develop their critical thinking capabilities focused through the course as an important
  • To expose to a range of contexts where the language is used to meet a variety of real life communication needs.
  • To equip with the practical, emotional, intellectual and creative aspects of language by integrating knowledge and skills.
  • To focus on readability, teachability and testability – to think beyond the text. The students can successfully pass the semester 3 exam at the undergraduate level by Osmania
  • To enhance practice in objective and subjective writing.
  • To make them aware of British and American Vocabulary.

III BA, BCom, BSc, BBA Semester V & VI

  • The course is designed to address the specific needs of the final year students, about to encounter the working of English Language in the real world.
  • Focuses on the theme of conservation of environment, gender and the need for gender equality.
  • To draw the attention of the students towards the challenges that the English Language is likely to face in future.
  • To introduce them to the pleasure of reading and the world of imagination and to overcome the fear of failure.
  • To strengthen their professional and conversational vocabulary.

Certificate Courses

A certificate course on Communication skills and soft skills was introduced in the academic year 2015-2016 with a duration of 30 hours for the final year students. The course was intended to enhance the LSRW skills  of the students, to  prepare them to face the job market and to make them interview ready.

In the year 2018-2019, a certificate course on ‘English for competitive Exams’ was designed with five modules, with an intention to  make students ready for the competitive world. Academic Year Title of the course
1. 2015-2016 Communication Skills and Soft Skills
2. 2016-2017 Communication Skills and Soft Skills
3. 2017-2018 Communication Skills and Soft Skills
4 2018-2019 English for Competitive Exams
5. 2019-2020 English for Competitive Exams
6. 2020-2021 English for Competitive Exams
7. 2021-2022 English for Competitive Exams


Total Faculty Members in English department : 8

Sl.No. Photo Name Designation Profile
1 N.Lakshmi Neelima M.A, SET Assistant Professor Profile
2 K Ranjeeth kumar M.Sc,M.A,B.Ed,SET. Lecturer (Guest) Profile
3 T. SHAILAJA M.A (English), M.Ed, M.A (Sociology), PG Diploma in ELT Lecturer (Guest) Profile
4 Dr. T. Raja Sekhar M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D, NET Associate Professor Profile
5 E.Rathna Kalyani M.A.,M.Phil,B.Ed Associate Professor Profile
6 L.Jyothi M.A. English, M.A.AIHCA Associate Professor Profile
7 S Kishor Raja M.A English, B.Ed. Lecturer (Guest) Profile
8 S Padmakar M.A English, MBA HR. Lecturer (Guest) Profile

Workshops and Seminars (Attended & Organized)

Workshops motivate students to share knowledge and experience. It helps in creating a network of like minded people and discover how enjoyable learning about new ways and ideas can be, more importantly one gains knowledge which could be passed along to their peers. Dynamic interaction with participants in workshops provide a hands on learning experience  that can last a lifetime.

Workshops organized Year & Date Title of the Workshop Resource person Number of participants              Report
1. 2015-2016


11.04.2016 to


6 Day workshop on Employability Skills Department of English 29 The workshop  aimed at developing employability skills and personal attributes related to gaining and sustaining employment like communication skills, problem solving, leadership skills etc.
2. 2016-2017




Deloitte Impact One Day Workshop on Soft skills and Employability skills Trainees from Deloitte 37 The objective of the program was to make students ready to face the job market and worldwide challenges. It also created an awareness among students about the importance of soft skills in achieving a career.
3. 2017-2018


21.9.2017    –  25.9.2017

5 Day Workshop for students on English Language and Communication skills Smt. D.Saritha  and    Sri.P.Ravi chandra, BJR GDC, Hyderabad 73 The program focussed on verbal, non-verbal  and written communication. The aim was to instil confidence among students by enhancing their speaking and writing skills
4. 2018-2019



One Day Workshop on ‘Student Centred Methodology’ Dr.P.V.

Geetha Lakshimi Patnaik

85 The workshop aimed at the students to learn autonomy and student-centric activities like ‘think-pair-share’, group work, pair work, peer learning etc.
5. 2019-2020



One Day Workshop on ‘Writing Skills’ Mrs.Nalini & Mrs.Bindu, Sr. Lecturer, Hindi Mahavidyalaya 33 The students became aware of the importance of writing skills. They learned how to write articles, letters, advertisements, blogs, fiction and creative non-fiction.

Seminars/Webinars attended Year & Date Title of the seminar/webinar Organisers/Resource persons
1. 2020-2021

15 – 19 July 2020.

International Webinar on “Inter-sectional Perspectives of Learning, Language and

Literature “


Department of English, School of Social Sciences and Languages, Vellore Institute of

Technology, Vellore, India

2. 2020-2021


International Webinar on Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights Department of Communicative English, Marian College, Kerala
3. 2020-2021


One Day International webinar on  ‘India’s Ascent to become Global Player (Atma Nirbhar Bharat): Opportunities for growth and  Transformation BJR Government Degree College, Hyderabad
4. 2020-2021

15th – 17th June, 2020

Three day International Webinar on ‘Teaching Language and Literature Components using Online Tools’ Andhra Loyala College, Andhra Pradesh
4. 2020-2021


National Webinar on

‘Interactive learning environment for

language development’


Bhadruka College of Commerce and Arts
5. 2020-2021


One Day National Webinar on “Women in Employment – Challenges and Perspectives” ICC, BJR Government Degree College, Hyderabad
6. 2020-2021


One Day National Webinar on “Digital Transformation – Pedagogical Changes” IQAC, BJR Government Degree College, Hyderabad

Extension / Guest lectures:

Helps in  making the students aware of the latest trends in learning the English language, encourage students to overcome fear and use their creative skills,develop their interpersonal skills and also sensitise  them to the issues of gender and gender discrimination.

Extension Lectures/Guest Lectures Organised

Sl.No. Year & Date Title of the Lecture Resource person No. of students participated Report
1. 2018-2019 Sounds and Simulations Mrs.M.Praveena  Asst. Professor of English, Tara Government Degree College, Sangareddy 64 The resource person, a Master-Trainer in Communicative Language Teaching conducted various activities to reinforce the content of her sp[eech. The students participated and interacted with the resource person   on phonetics.
2. 2019-2020


Soft Skills Smt. G Bangla Bharathi, Associate Professor, VGDC, Vidyanagar 47 The resource person emphasised on soft skills and how these skills mould their character and personality.
3. 2020-2021


Conversational Techniques Mr.A. Vishweshwar Sharma, Tara Degree and PG College, Sangareddy. 42 The speaker spoke about the fundamental skills that makeup one’s ability to communicate effectively in both social and professional fields.
4. 2021-2022


Interpersonal Skills Smt. Shahjahan Siddiqui, Asst. Professor of English, IPGDC, Hyderabad 66 The speaker emphasises on the importance of interpersonal skills and how one can train themselves in strengthening these skills for a successful personal and professional life.
5. 2021-2022


Gender Discrimination and Women Empowerment Dr.B.Suchitra Singh, Asst. Professor Of English, VGDC, Hyderabad. 90 The speaker raised many questions on gender discrimination faced by women in every field. The need and importance of women empowerment is also emphasised and the students responded positively.

Field Trips

The department of English organizes field trips annually to Hyderabad Book Fair and Hyderabad Literary Festival as a part of best practices. These field trips bring students closer to literature and its universal appeal. They promote reading habits among students and also expand students’ awareness of their own community.

Sl.No. Year Faculty Number of students participated Place Visited Brief Report
1. 2015-2016 Ms.G.Bangla Bharathi/


38 Hyderabad Literary Festival Students were taken to HLF on 8th January 2016 to have an exposure of the world wide literature. They interacted with poets, writers, translators, critics etc. and participated in workshops.
2. 2016-2017 Ms.G.Bangla Bharathi 21 Visit to Urdu Hall for a Photography Exhibition Students visited a photo exhibition on 19th October 2016 and had an insight into the rich cultural heritage of Hyderabad.
3. 2016-2017 Ms.G.Bangla Bharathi/



17 Hyderabad Literary Festival A field trip to HLF was organised on 28th January 2017. Students were provided an insight of cultural and literary traditions of Hyderabad and met famous personalities in the field of art and literature.
4. 2017-2018 Ms.Khader



19 Hyderabad Literary Festival A field trip to HLF was organised on 27th January 2018. Students were exposed to the world of literature, arts, theatre, films and music. They also participated in workshops, poetry sessions and youth sections.
5 .2018-2019



Ms.E.Ratna Kalyani

18 Osmania University Central Library To inculcate the habit of reading, students were taken to the Central Library, Osmania University. Students were motivated to pursue higher studies.
6. 2018-2019



Ms.N.Lakshmi Neelima/ Dr.T.Rajasekhar 55 Hyderabad Literary Festival HLF was visited on 26th January 2019 with an intention to gather academic and literary knowledge. Students participated in discussions, workshops and other formative sessions and had an enriching experience.
7. 2019-2020 Ms.N.Lakshmi Neelima/ Dr.T.Rajasekhar/Ms.L.Jyoti/

Ms.E.Ratna Kalyani

50 Hyderabad Literary Festival The HLF visit on26th January 2020 provided a rich experience of theatre, film, music, art and literature to the students along with workshops. Students cherished every moment  of the trip.
8. 2021-2022 Ms.N.Lakshmi Neelima/ Dr.T.Rajasekhar/Ms.L.Jyoti/

Ms.E.Ratna Kalyani

31 Hyderabad Book Fair To expose students to the wo0rld of books and writings, they were taken to 34th Hyderabad National Book Fair on21st December 2021. Students were exposed to new writings and writers.

Study Projects

The Department of English identifies advanced and slow learners every year to take the course of instruction better suited to them. Advanced learners are encouraged to take up courses like certificate courses, study projects etc. Project-based learning promotes research, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving among students and helps them to develop additional skills integral to their future.These projects are supervised and assessed by the faculty. Every year students are encouraged to take up new projects in good numbers.

Sample projects presented by the students in the last few years.

Academic Year Name of the supervisor/Faculty Title of the project
2015-2016 Body Language and  non-verbal communication. Ms.Bangla Bharathi.



Road safety. Ms.KhaderUnnisa


2016-2017 Time management. Ms.Bangla Bharathi.
Civic sense. Ms.KhaderUnnisa
Components of Short Stories. Ms.Bangla Bharathi
2017-2018 Satya Nadella Ms.Bangla Bharathi.
Hazards of food coloring Ms.KhaderUnnisa
Value Orientation. Ms.Khaderunnisa
2018-2019 Study of Rabindranath Tagore Mrs. N.Lakshmi Neelima
   Evolution of English Language E. R. Kalyani
‘Indianisms’ in Spoken English-Steps to Correct their Usage. Mrs.P.V.Geetha Lakshmi Patnaik
A Study of the most commonly used Homonyms, Homophones, Homographs    and Heteronyms Mrs.N.Lakshmi Neelima


 Most Commonly Confused Words in English. Mrs.L.Jyothi
An Examination of Figurative Language in Langton Hughes poem ‘As I Grew Older.’ Dr.T.Rajasekhar


  2019 -2020


    Analysis of the Literary Devices in    H.W.Longfellow  ‘A Psalm of Life’ E. R. Kalyani
Spelling Rules for Commonly Confused suffixes-‘tion’ vs.’ sion’ Dr.T.Rajasekhar
     Caste with Special Reference to Dr.B.R.Ambedkar       Mrs.E.R Kalyani
       Racism and   Discrimination Mrs.L.Jyothi
Success and Failure in  the Life of J.K.Rowling Mrs. P.V.Geetha Lakshmi Patnaik
2020-2021 Ecology  vs Environmental Science. Mrs.N.Lakshmi Neelima


Human Values and System Dr.T.Rajasekhar


Gender Equality and Women Empowerment. Mrs.E.R.Kalyani


Gender Equality in our Society. Mrs.L.Jyothi
Analysis of the poem “Ecology” Mrs. P.V.Geetha Lakshmi Patnaik


2021-2022 Sustainable Development of the   Economy.             Mrs. E.R. Kalyani


Universal Human Values.                Dr.T.Rajasekhar





Research and Publications 

Students  participated in the Jignasa program organised by the CCE and worked on a research paper titled ‘Importance of LSRW and their range in language learning’.

Papers published by the faculty

Sl.No. Title of the article Written by ISSN./ISBN No. Year
   1. India’s Quality Assessment in Schools: A Perspective to Improve Standards Dr.T.Raja Shekhar

Smt. L.Jyoti

Smt.E.R.Ratna Kalyani

       2349-5162       2020-2021

Extension Activities

The Department donated  an amount of Rs.6000/- to Aanadha Vidyardhi Gruha, an orphanage every year with a view to help orphans. Smt. E.Rathna Kalyani donated Rs.41,000/- to Aanadha Vidyardhi Gruha during the years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.

MOUs & Linkages 

The English department has  a linkage with Keshav Memorial Institute of Commerce and Science Narayanaguda, which involves in an exchange of programmes like Seminars, Workshops, Guest lectures and also sharing the language lab.


Sl.No. B.A II Sem
Appeared Passed Failed Pass


HEP 68 56 12 82
HPP 33 32 01 97
EPP 20 18 02 90


Sl.No. B.A IV Sem
Appeared Passed Failed Pass


HEP 39 34 05 87
HPP 15 15 00 100
EPP 15 13 02 87
HECA 05 05 00 100
HEPA 18 18 00 100
EPSCA 13 13 00 100
HPCS 05 05 00 100

B.Com  II sem
Appeared Passed Failed Pass Percentage
Computer Applications 241 235 06 98

BBA  II sem
Appeared Passed Failed Pass Percentage
BBA 48 43 05 90

B.Com  IVsem
Appeared Passed Failed Pass Percentage
General 34 28 06 82
Computer Applications 136 128 08 94




B.Sc II sem
Appeared Passed Failed Pass


BZC 50 44 06 88
MPC 35 31 04 89
MPCs 113 105 08 93
MSCs 54 47 07 87
MPS 09 09 00 100
BTBZ 21 20 01 95
MBBZ 17 19 01 94
CHMBZ 01 01 00 100
ANBZ 35 33 02 94
BTBCH 08 08 00 100
BTZCH 15 14 01 93
ANCHZ 09 08 01 89
BCHAN 15 15 00 100




B.Sc IV sem
Appeared Passed Failed Pass


BZC 67 62 05 93
MPC 42 39 03 93
MPCs 96 92 04 95
MSCs 97 96 01 99




Dept. of English (IISEM)
Appeared Passed Failed Pass percentage
B.A 121 106 15 88
B.Com 241 235 06 97
BBA 48 43 05 90
B.Sc. 405 351 54 92
Total 815 735 80 90




Dept. of English (IVSEM)
Appeared Passed Failed Pass percentage
B.A 109 102 07 94
B.Com 170 156 14 95
B.Sc. 302 289 13 96
Total 581 547 34 94


One Day Workshop on Interview Skills

May 3, 2023

  On 27th April 2023, the department of English has organized one-day workshop on Interview Skills for the college students. Dr Bangla Bharathi, Associate Professor English, SVS Government Degree College…

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Field Visit by the faculties of languages to Hyderabad Book Fair

February 6, 2023

  On 30.12.2022, teachers of language departments along with students have carried a field visit to Hyderabad Book Fair. This event is beneficial to students for building their reading and…

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Extension Lecture Organized by the Department of English

November 28, 2022

  On 26.11.2022, the department of English has organized an extension lecture. Prof. C Sharada, from English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) has delivered an invited talk addressing to the…

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Two Day Training Program on Interview Skills – Department of English

February 8, 2022

  On 05.02.2022, The department of English under the supervision of Ms. Lakshmi Neelima, Assistant Professor of English has organized a 2-Day Training programme on Interview Skills for college students.…

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Best Practices 

Hyderabad Literary Festival

The Department of English  takes students to the Hyderabad Literary Festival every year as a part of their best practice. The event is multi-disciplinary and multilingual  and celebrates creativity in all forms. Students benefit from the various programs organised like conversations with authors, readings, discussion panels, workshops, book launches, cultural programs and events for college students and children. Due to pandemics, Hyderabad Literary Festival was conducted virtually during 2021 and 2022. The department arranged a virtual tour of the festival for these two years and the students enjoyed immensely.


The Department of English has created an ‘Edutainment Club’ to promote communicative and interacting English. The focus of the club is on practicing oral language skills – speaking and listening to English.

Students were shown videos on communicative language, personality development and motivational speeches. Students were also asked to present their opinions either orally or in writing. This helps in enhancing  their speaking and writing skills.

Future Plans

The Department of English is prioritizing the following plans to achieve the objectives and goals of the department.

  • Modifying and updating teaching methods in keeping with the challenges and demands of teaching English as a second language especially to the learners of the disadvantaged sections
  • Designing multimedia packages, web-based courses and materials for use in language laboratory.
  • Undertaking collaborative efforts with other language centres .
  • Augmenting department infrastructural facilities and planning to establish a centre for Language Studies.
  • Promoting Learning through Online Media & Blended Learning.
  • To develop the department library by adopting a policy of voluntary contribution of books by the faculty and students.

At BJR Govt. Degree College, Narayanaguda, We are happy providing excellent education and molding the future generation ..

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