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Affiliated to Osmania University, Hyderabad.

(Re-Accredited by NAAC with B++ Grade)

Applied Nutrition

Applied Nutrition Dept.


The Department of Applied Nutrition has been established in the year 2019 with different combinations like Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biotechnology and Psychology. The Department offers SEC courses like Food Service management and Quality food management. The Applied Nutrition and Public Health specialization combines principles and practices from nutrition and social and behavioral science to develop, implement and evaluation of programs and policies that promote optimal nutrition and population health and well-being. The Department has involved in various thrust areas of research like variability in individual responses to diet and foods, healthy growth, development, and reproduction, health maintenance, medical management, nutrition-related behaviors and food supply .


The Vision of the Department is to provide scientific training that encompasses all aspects of the nutritional and food sciences and at the same time  to develop the skills and attitudes required for working in the broad field of applied nutrition. It likewise aims to give future applied nutrition professionals (dieticians) a broad understanding of the basic sciences.


The Mission of the Department is to better human health by:

  • Contributing to the fundamental knowledge of how nutrients and food components function at cellular, systematic, and whole-body levels and impact human health and disease,
  • Delivering innovative, research-based interventions and service programs which alter meal patterns and food choices with the goal of improved health of individuals, families, and communities,
  • Contributing to the knowledge-base of nutrition to undergraduate students through high quality teaching, training, and research mentorship, and


  • To make people conscious of their nutritional needs, to increase production of nutritious foods and its consumption.
  • To provide supplementary nutrition to vulnerable groups through local production of food.
  • To promote good health through nutrition and physical activity, and the primary prevention of related illness in the population.
  • To conduct an effective population-based strategy requires people trained and competent in the discipline of Public Health and Nutrition.

PROGRAMMES /COURSES OFFERED: The Department offers UG-B.Sc -Applied Nutrition and Public health with the following combinations in English Medium 

BSc Courses
B.Sc AN.B.Z Applied Nutrition. Botany. Zoology
B.Sc AN.B.C Applied Nutrition. Botany. Chemistry
B.Sc AN.C.Z Applied Nutrition. Chemistry. Zoology
B.Sc AN.MB.C Applied Nutrition. Microbiology. Chemistry
B.Sc AN.Z.Psy Applied Nutrition. Zoology. Psychology
B.Sc AN.MB.Psy Applied Nutrition. Microbiology. Psychology


Certificate courses Offered 

  1. Nutrition and Fitness: 2020-21, 2021-22
  2. Basics of Baking: 2020-21, 2021-22
-coming soon-

Students Projects 

YEAR Title of the Project Comments


2020-21 Nutritional impact on cognition and academic behaviour in 10-12 years old school going children.

Extension Lectures

  • Extension lecture on “Diagnosis of Diabetes mellitus and its management” by Mrs. Syeda Sobia, Nutritionist, Torque Fitness centre, Hyderabad 0n Aug- 11th -2021.

 Workshops and Seminars 

The Department of Botany organized September – National Nutrition Month.

Theme 2019 – #POSHAN MAAH Sept 2019 updates

  1. Theme : *Har ghar poshan vyavahar*
  2. *Panch Sutra for Maah*

In connection with the above celebrations ,On September 26th ,2019  a lecture was conducted in  the college for the I yr  B.Sc life Sciences. Two guest speakers were invited to enlighten the students about this year’s theme by Ms. Jayasheela Ruth, Consultant Dietitian at Ankura Hospital and   Ms.Pratyusha vannadi, Dietitian at kameneni group of hospitals,  LB Nagar.

Science Day Celebrations 

Balanced diet and different food groups in the form of three different meals were displayed by the students on Feb 28 th 2021.

Induction Programme : For the first year Life sciences students on 04/02/21

World Water day Celebrations -B.Sc I,II, and IIIyr  Students participated in Rally and poster presentation on the importance of saving water and usage of pure water for protecting from water borne diseases on  22/03/2021.

Field Trips

Every year the students are taken  to Field trip to get first hand experience with nature‘s biodiversity.

S.No. Name of the Organization Date of Visit Group Purpose of the field visit
1 All India Horticulture Show Visit at Peoples Plaza 19-08-2019 B.Sc BZC III yr  and Iyr Life science Students


To show the students to show different Phytodiversity
2 Field Trip to Grape Research Station ,        RajendraNagar 19-02-2020 I & III B.Sc life sciences. To make the student learn different types of hybrids(60 Varieties) in grapes and mineral nutrition required for grapes growth and how to use organic fertilizers.






Extension activities is  to bring awareness in local communities

Title of the Activities Organising unit/ agency/ collaborating agency Number of teachers co-ordinated such activities Number of students participated in such activities
Nutritional Status  study of pre – school children by  Anthropometric measurements method Anganwadi centre- Musheerabad on Aug 3rd week 2021 1 20
Awareness Programme ( Obesity and Anaemia) September 29th to  October 2nd  2020 at Baghlingampally, Slum ,Hyderabad



1 20


Future Plans
  • To collaborate  with external agencies to promote interdisciplinary research activity and community engagement.
  • To promote sustainability in the community and  to encourage use of local food sources and create opportunities for healthier lifestyles.
  • To enrich undergraduate experiential learning through opportunities and capstone experiences and further integrate service learning experiences

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