Babu Jagjivan Ram Government Degree College
Narayanaguda, Hyderabad – 500029
Affiliated to Osmania University, Hyderabad
Congratulations to B.Sc Comp. Sc. Students of 2018-2021 Batch namely Mr Killari Saikumar (ICET 410 Rank), Navab Rohan Goud (ICET score 545 Rank), Akula Rasanya (ICET 2769 Rank), Jorige Mahesh (ICET 7460 Rank), Bollampally Likitha (ICET 7751 Rank) for outstanding performance in ICET2021.    New NCC (Naval) Unit established at BJR GDC during 2020-21.    Click Here to download our college brochure    Congratulations Ms. Eshwari (B.Com 2017-20) for your admission into Master of Science - Computer Science at Sacred Heart University, (SHU), Connecticut, USA.

The Government of Telangana has sanctioned thirty four teaching posts to the college apart from five part time faculty members. Faculty members of this college duly met the qualification norms of the University Grants Commission and have been playing a pivotal role in keeping the academic ambiance intact. The staff represents a sheer reservoir of Doctorates, NET holders and research fellows in divergent areas.

List of faculy members in the college:

Sl. NoNameAgeDesignationGenderQualificationExp in monthsJoining date
1Dr A Bhanu Prasad57PrincipalMalePh.D33226-06-2018
2N Suresh37Assistant ProfessorMaleNET7930-06-2018
3Dr CV Pavan Kumar44Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D11030-06-2018
4N Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy34Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D7930-06-2018
5Dr B Bhavani52Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D9230-06-2018
6K Vijay Kumar49Assistant ProfessorMaleNET1259/7/2012
7M Karuna43Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET22830-06-2018
8DrG M Kasthuri44Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D8630-06-2018
9Dr M Ramesh Babu48Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D9230-06-2018
10B Rajani44Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D26430-06-2018
11G Hema Latha41Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET18917-07-2018
12Dr Nikath Anjum51Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D14430-06-2018
13Dr K Salaiah46Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D7930-06-2018
14Dr K Mallikarjuna Rao39Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D7930-06-2018
15Dr Raghavendra Rao52Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D9230-06-2018
16R Shobha Rani49Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET6230-06-2018
17P Vinod Kumar Goud31Assistant ProfessorMaleNET7930-06-2018
18I Vani38Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET9213-06-2012
19Dr K Sujatha41Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D9230-06-2018
20G Sadayakumar45Assistant ProfessorMaleNET6230-06-2018
21Ch Solomon raju45Assistant ProfessorMaleNET6730-06-2018
22R Karuna40Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET15730-06-2018
23P Venkata Ramana55Associate ProfessorMaleNET35730-06-2018
24Dr M A Malik45Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D28530-06-2018
25P Suresh Babu41Assistant ProfessorMaleNET16830-06-2018
26R Venkat Ramchander46Assistant ProfessorMaleNET6530-06-2018
27Dr N Vijaya Lakshmi43Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D5530-06-2018
28Dr M Kondaiah37Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D7630-06-2018
29K Kistaiah45Assistant ProfessorMaleNET9230-06-2018
30Y Praveen Kumar50Assistant ProfessorMaleNET9230-06-2018
31P Jyothirmayi51Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET7430-06-2018
32G Ravi Kumar39Assistant ProfessorMaleNET13430-06-2018
33K Geethanjali39Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET13430-06-2018


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