Please indicate your rating for your teacher by drawing a circle around the appropriate letter among those given against each statement
Agree DisagreeStrongly
1My lecturer is punctual to the class.ABCD
2I understand easily what my lecturer is teaching.ABCD
3My lecturer comes well prepared for the class.ABCD
4My lecturer communicates clearly.ABCD
5My Lecturer makes good use of examples and illustrations.ABCD
6My Lecturer is helpful when students raise doubts.ABCD
7My Lecturer completes the syllabus on time during the semester.ABCD
8My Lecturer completes the practical on time during the semester (if applicable).ABCD
9My Lecturer conducts the class regularly.ABCD
10My Lecturer enquires about My absence to the class.ABCD
11My Lecturer is very helpful to weaker students/slow learners.ABCD
12My Lecturer is fair to all students in evaluations.ABCD
13My Lecturer is available during college hours for consultations.ABCD
14My Lecturer takes active part in co-curricular activities.ABCD
15My Lecturer creates awareness of recent developments In the subject.ABCD
16My Lecturer provides more information than in text book.ABCD
17My Lecturer holds the attention of students through out the class.ABCD
18My Lecturer encourages discussion in the class.ABCD
19My Lecturer gives useful explanation while returning answer paper and assignment.ABCD
20My Lecturer inspires me. ABCD
21Overall, he/she is one among the best lecturersABCD