Dept. of Chemistry

Dept. of Chemistry

About Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry is established in 1973 with undergraduate course.  The department has spacious well equipped labs and instrumentation room with sufficient number of required instruments. The department is blessed with a team of qualified and dedicated lectures who are developing consistent pattern and novel methodologies to equip the students with fundamental concept, technical skills and strategies. It has the credit of receiving gold medals at university level. In addition to teaching, the faculty and students are actively involved in research

  • Devising innovative and students’ friendly teaching methodology to promote motivation and interest on basic knowledge of chemistry
  • Implementation of “Multidisciplinary Research and Education Program” with the aim to train undergraduate students to take up environmental related issues with challenges for long-term sustainability of the ecosystem.
  • To fabricate cost effective set up for laboratory experiments
  • To design eco-friendly innovative methods of common experiments

Department Profile

1 Name of the Department CHEMISTRY
2 Year of Establishment 1973
3  Number of Teachers sanctioned and present position 06  |   06
4 Number of Administrative Staff
5 Number of Technical Staff Nil
6 Number of Teachers and Students 10 and 750
7 Demand Ratio(No. of seats :No of applications) 1:3  
8 Ratio of Teachers to Students 01:75
9 Number of research scholars who had their master’s degree from other institutions  
10 The year when the curriculum was revised last 2015016
11 Number of students passed NET/SLET etc(last two years) NA
12 Success Rate of students (what is the pass percentage as compared to the University average) 50%
13 University Distinction/Ranks
14 Publications by faculty (last 5 years)since 2005
15 Awards and recognition received by faculty (last five years)
16 Faculty who have Attended National and International Seminars(last five years) 10
17 Number of National and International Seminars Organized (last five years) 01(state Level)
18 Number of teachers engaged in consultancy and the revenue generated
19 Number of Ongoing projects and its total outlay
20 Research Projects completed during last two & its total outlay 03
21 Number of inventions and patents
22 Number of PhD thesis guided during the last two years
23 Number of books in the Departmental Library, if any 250
24 Number of Journals/Periodicals 02
25 Number of Computers ONE
26 Annual Budget  95,000/-


S.No Name of the faculty Date of joining in service Date of Joining in this college Qualification Total Experience
1 Dr.V.Vijaya Lakshmi 09-09-1992 30-06-2018 M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D 26
2 T.Aruna Kumari 08-11-2010 30-06-2018 M.Sc, NET 8
3 B.Anitha 27-11-2010 30-06-2018 M.Sc, NET 8
4 Jesse L 01-09-2004 24-07-2018 M.Sc, 14
5 Dr. G. H. Anuradha 28-02-2000 16-07-2018 M.Sc, Ph.D 18
6 G.Mani Deepa 21-08-2006 13-07-2018 M.Sc Chemistry 13


S.No. Year Appeared passed percentage
1 2006-07 193 183 96
2 2007-08 198 185 94
3 2008-09 206 196 96
4 2009-10 200 185 93
5 2010-11 183 159 87
6 2011-12 182 145 80

Chemistry Dept. Gallery

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